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Our work starts with customer relationship building. We approach our clients with respect, trust and kindness. This consistent approach is a winning combination for both our clients and us. We may not be in our customers holiday photos, yet it is a priviledge for us to play a small role in creating our customers' precious memories of their stay in Vero Beach.
Organic Detail Cleaning
AM Ocennside Organic Detail Cleaning

We are a leading organic cleaning company in Florida. We use only safe, certified organic cleaning products for our clients' homes. Cleaning dishes, taking trash out and folding laundry for hours are the last things you want to do on vacation. Don't worry, we actually love doing all these things. We pay close attention to detail and make sure that everything is in working order, leaving you with nothing to do but enjoy your vacation.

Concierge Services
AM Oceanside COncierge Services

We provide solutions for our clients' individual needs. Filling their fridge with healthy food, arranging their transportation to and from the airport, dog sitting are only a fraction of the services we provide. In fact, every concierge service we offer is a la carte. Every family has their own individual routines and habits, and it is our pleasure to accommodate just about any request in a timely and appropriate manner.

Seasonal Opening & Closing
AM Oceanside Seasonal Opening Closing

For your vacation to start on the right foot, we provide everything you need, to your specifications, even before you walk through the door of your Vero Beach home. When your vacation season ends, we leave you rested and hassle free by taking care of everything from opening and closing water valves and shutters, pest control, temperature control, patio furniture covers and much more.

Off-season Estate Monitoring
AM Oceanside Off-season Estate Monitoring

Without proper climate control, Florida homes face serious mold and pest issues. A&M Oceanside Services provides weekly or monthly check-ups of your home assuring that all systems inside and outside of your house are working properly. We manage water leaks, gardening contractors, check vehicles for battery strength and meticulously scrutinize home exteriors for wasp nests and spiders. At the first sight of anything unusual, we promptly contact our client.

What our customers say about us

We recommend her with no reservations

A&M Oceanside, the cleaning company owned and operated by Meg O'Loughlin, is simply superb!  We first met Meg when we rented a lovely home in the Oceanside section of Vero Beach in 2019, and were so impressed with her service, knowledge and hard work. This 2020 winter we rented another home in the  same neighborhood and found it to be ill-prepared for tenants. Many issues regarding poor maintenance and cleanliness, but the most serious one potentially was spotted by Meg when she walked in the door in January:  NO SMOKE DETECTORS or CARBON MONOXIDE Sensors. ( rectified after calling the lax realtor). 

Meg and her crew know how and what to clean, using safe methods and materials. We recommend her with no reservations and are forever grateful to her. 


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Prompt, friendly, thorough and helpful

Meg has worked for me for five years. I don't own my home in Vero Beach, I rent. Meg treats the home as if it were her own. The owner is always happy to rent to us for another season because of Meg. She is always prompt, friendly, thorough and helpful in so many ways. I highly recommend her.


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Absolutely Top Notch

I use A&M Oceanside Services to manage property in Vero Beach.  Meg is one of the most well organized, thoughtful and thoroughly professional people in this business that I know.  She manages and cleans our rental property and her service and professionalism are absolutely top notch.


Vero Bach, FL

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Highly recommend A&M Oceanside

They are extremely professional, customer service driven, and unbelievably reliable. They are one of the primary reasons that I have been so successful with renting my property from afar. And as a homeowner who uses the property for family vacations, I can be assured that it is maintained to the utmost quality.


Milton, MA

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